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Digital Media

With the popularity of computers and rapid development of technology, artists have embraced digital media in commercial and fine art applications. Digital media is a computer or other digital technology used in a work of art.

The widespread use of computers dates to about the 1990's and a variety of digital technologies have sprung up in the last 20-25 years, with new technologies replacing old at an ever increasing pace. Laurence M. Gartel, an American artist, is sometimes considered the 'father' of Digital Art.

Digital Media can be classified as a form of New Media Art, which can be traced back to moving picture inventions of the late 19th century, through light and sound media of the mid 20th century, the late 20th century's computers and digital technologies to the present. There is a large variety of tools, skills and techniques classified as Digital Media - a few of which are covered here. As new technologies are developed, new art techniques will continue to emerge within this media category.

Jenny Holzer; For SAAM; electronic LED array with white diodes 336 x 48 in; 2007; Smithsonian American Art Museum

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